About Us

For James Holloway, the journey to Holloway Builders took him to the far ends of the earth. Working in the construction and property development industries in London he forged a successful career owning and operating his own building company.


However, after building these grand designs in the UK, new opportunities in New Zealand beckoned. He returned to Christchurch for lifestyle and work opportunities. It’s no wonder a Holloway home is designed to make the most of light and other key natural benefits. After the chaos and gloom of England returning to the Canterbury region was like a ray of sunshine.


James says it best, “We’ll never take for granted the freedoms and privileges we have here. Being able to step out into a clean environment, to enjoy the surrounding landscape with our children, to have the beaches and mountains on our doorstep – these are pretty bloody good reasons to stick around. And it’s a great reason to ensure every client can enjoy their homes here in the decades to come.”


In such an environment good word of mouth is crucial to the continued success of the company. As an owner and builder it’s the pledge of James to deliver the very best result that counts. It’s his reputation on the line with each and every job, and that’s why he puts 100% in to everything he turns his hand to. James leads his team by example.


While comparatively ‘young’ as a company, Holloway Builders is blessed with a long and varied history. As important as the qualifications and skill of each staff member is, it’s as much about having the comparative experience to make the most of the raw skill.


James has worked hard to hone the capability of the company to where it can now present a unique choice for Christchurch and Canterbury residents. When these residents are looking to build a new home that’s distinctive, stylish and sustainable Holloway Builders delivers the difference.